Bicycles are a smart way of commute, its saves energy, reduces pollution and is good for health. But with of all of the advantages, riding on bicycles can be dangerous, especially when you are riding it on busy roads with heavy traffics. And in recent years, great importance has been given to this problem and a lot of solutions have been designed. And another solution to overcome this risk and danger is a small device that attaches to your bicycle permanently; it entered the market by the name of smarthalo.
Smarthalo is based on the philosophy of simplicity, it simple yet smart. Smarthalo is a circular device that fits on the handle of your bike in the center permanently, and connects with your smart phone. The device when turned on sends an impressive amount of information to your smart phone.
Its unique features include:
 Navigation
 Integrated security system
 Automatic switch on/off
 Tracking system
 Personal assistant
 Night light
 Long battery life
 Dirt, water and snow resistant
Navigation: Smarthalo lets you use navigation without having to look at your phone screen. You just select your destination in the map and pluck your phone back into your pocket while smarthalo will show you the fastest and safest route through its unique circular interface that can show every type of turn ahead. The circular device starts lighting the arc (one third part of a circle)in the direction where you need to take a turn. Light patterns warn in advance of the turn so that you get enough time to plan your way.
Integrated security system: smarthalo is designed to be permanently attached to the bicycle. And it can only be unlocked by a special key provided with the product. So if someone tries to steal the bicycle the alarm will go off when the integrated security system is activated.
Automatic switch on/off: you don’t need to switch on or off smarthalo. The sophisticated sensors installed in the device do it automatically for you. The sensors detect the movement and turn the smarthalo on when you are riding and when you stop they detect it and turn off.
Tracking: Smarthalo tracks your time, distance, average speed, calories burnt and even elevation data. And unlike other fitness apps, it lets you view you the data in real time through your smart phone.
Personal assistant feature: when you get a call or a message on your smart phone, smarthalo’s personal assistant feature will notify you through its luminous circular interface.
Night light: One of the unique features of smarthalo includes its smart light. That turns on when it detects darkness and turns off automatically by detecting enough light in the area.
Long battery life: another feature that makes smarthalo a must for you bicycle is its long battery life that lasts up to 3 weeks under normal usage.
Dirt, water and snow resistant: its dirt, water and snow resistance allow you to ride your bike under any kind of environment.
With all of smart features that smarthalo offers, it definitely makes it a smart choice for the bicycle rider to have.


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